Popcorn Bowl $8
Sweet 'n' Salty

Chunky Fries $8
Aioli + tomato sauce

Loaded Fries $10
Cheese + gravy

Seasoned Wedges $9 
Sour cream + sweet chilli sauce

Loaded Wedges $15
Wedges loaded with cheese, bacon, sour cream + sweet chilli

Edamame $8
Tossed with Soy + Sesame Oil (GF/V)

Fresh Baked Flatbread $13
Garlic oil, rosemary, sea salt + parmesan

The Big G Burger $18
Beef pattie, cheese, pickles, tomato + aioli sauce with fries


All of our pizza's are made on authentic handmade bases

Cheese Pizza $18
Slow cooked tomato sauce, mozzarella + parmesan

Pepperoni $20
Slow cooked tomato sauce, Italian pepperoni + mozzarella

Spicy Sausage $20
Garlic oil, kransky, red onion, chilli flakes + mozzarella

BBQ Meats $20
Kransky, pepperoni, bacon, red onion, mozzarella + house made BBQ sauce